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The law office of John A. Klassen, P.A. is committed to protecting the civil rights of employees and individuals. From our convenient downtown Minneapolis location, we serve clients in the Twin Cities and throughout Minnesota. Since our firm was founded in 1996, we have provided clients with the personal attention, honest advice and assertive trial strategies necessary to litigate complex claims and defend our clients’ rights.

A Long History Of Groundbreaking Cases

Our cases have received national and international press coverage in the New York Times, the Washington Post and the International Herald Tribune, and on public radio. Recent notable cases include the multi-plaintiff race discrimination case against the Minneapolis Police Department by high-ranking African-American officers, the sexual harassment and discrimination cases we handled against the former Minneapolis fire chief and the Minneapolis Fire Department, and recent trial victory on behalf of a decorated female firefighter who was demoted in retaliation for asserting her First Amendment rights. We also represented a plaintiff in one of the largest single plaintiff sexual harassment cases in Minnesota history.

Our Practice

Our plaintiff-oriented practice encompasses areas of law related to:

  • Employment law violations: Our firm prides itself on protecting employees’ rights and fighting against employment discrimination and harassment based on gender, age, disability, race, religion or sexual orientation. Minneapolis employment law attorney John Klassen is Board Certified as a Labor and Employment Law Specialist by the Minnesota State Bar Association.
  • Executive Employment: Whether you have needs related to shareholder disputes, executive employment agreements, severance packages, noncompetition agreements or other business contracts, we can provide you with the insightful counsel and litigation experience you require.
  • Sexual Harassment: If you are sexually harassed at work and your employer knew about the conduct and failed to protect you, you may have a sexual harassment case against your employer, as well as against your harasser.
  • Workplace Investigation:

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Our clients rely on us to help right the wrongs they have suffered. By using our well-honed trial strategies and results-oriented negotiation skills, we may be able to get compensation for you and your family to regain financial stability and a sense of justice. Contact John A. Klassen, PA, at 612-470-9965 to arrange a consultation with a lawyer.

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