Transgender Discrimination Lawyer

Fighting For The Rights Of Transgender Men And Women

We believe that everyone should be treated equal and that no one should be denied the rights and protections granted by the law just because he or she is transgender. Our firm aggressively represents transgender clients in all types of employment law and civil rights actions. Some examples of cases we have handled for transgender individuals include:

  • A transgender woman was denied the ability to donate plasma because the donation center improperly viewed her as a gay man. We successfully argued that this was a violation of the Minnesota Human Rights Act's prohibition on business discrimination.
  • When employers provide positive reviews of employees' performances, only to suddenly label them as bad employees once they are "outed" at work, it can constitute discrimination. The same is true if employees are not hired or promoted due to being transgender. In these situations, we provide clients with the strong advocacy they need to fight against discrimination, harassment and other workplace misconduct.
  • We also protect our clients in other situations where the rights of transgender individuals are violated such as cases related to public accommodations, housing and business transactions.

Attorney John Klassen leads our firm and has the credentials and practical experience to be a powerful advocate for transgender clients in these and all related situations. He is Board Certified as a Labor and Employment Law Specialist by the Minnesota State Bar Association, and has spent much of his 20 years of legal practice in the courtroom. John's commitment to legal excellence and his unwavering dedication to our firm's clients have led to him being named to Minnesota Super Lawyers every year since 2003.

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If you face transgender discrimination, employment law violations or civil rights issues and need to speak to an attorney who understands the unique challenges faced by transgender individuals, contact us at 612-217-4988 or 877-390-4527. We serve clients in Minneapolis and across the entire state.