Senate moving forward with anti-discrimination bill

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2013 | Employment Discrimination |

No matter a person’s age, gender and sexual orientation, residents in Minnesota seek to obtain a career that they not only feel comfortable in but are also where they are treated appropriately. When a worker experiences employment discrimination, the event could seriously impact them. A person’s characteristics could lead to wrongful termination or cause an employee to quit in order to escape the workplace discrimination.

It was recently reported that the United States Senate passed a bill that would prohibit workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. With a vote of 61-30, the legislation would impact employers that have at least 15 employees. This legislation will bring various viewpoints and issues to the forefront, and those supporting the bill believe that it will send a strong message of bipartisan support for the LGBT community. The legislation now goes to the United States House of Representatives.

Anti-discrimination laws not only seek to prevent discrimination in the workplace but they also seek to protect certain groups while also encouraging them to stand up for their rights. When an employee believes that they are being discriminated against, it is important that they seek out options and understand their rights. They could file a claim for employment discrimination or wrongful termination.

Dealing with employment discrimination is a difficult reality to accept. This makes it especially important for those affected by these issues to know their options. This can help them plan their route to better their situation and file a claim if needed.

Source: Minnesota Public Radio, “Employment Non-Discrimination Act Passes First Senate Hurdle,” Eric Krupke, Nov. 4, 2013