Woman seeks to appeal sexual harassment claim dismissal

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Although residents might change career paths a few times in their life, having a good secure job that they feel comfortable at is important to Minnesota workers. When an employee no longer feels comfortable or safe in the work environment, this usually presents issues that could turn into major problems. When sexual harassment occurs in the workplace, no matter their age, gender or sexual orientation, employees should understand how to correct this situation.

A library administrator in Lake City seeks to file an appeal in order to recover costs caused by her sexual harassment claim and lengthy legal battle she has been enduring. The library administrator filed claims after she was suspended from her job in January of 2012. She claims sexual harassment, breach of contract as well as retaliation and defamation.

The woman’s complaint addresses unwanted sexual advances in the workplace, which included physical actions, phone calls and emails. She also claims that a spouse of an employee, who is a council member, retaliated against her when she attempted to improve the work performance of his wife.

Although the complaint was reviewed and dismissed by the court, the library administrator now seeks to appeal this ruling in order to reverse the district court’s ruling to dismiss the employment termination damage claims that were dismissed with prejudice. By dismissing it with prejudice, the final judgment would bar the plaintiff from bringing any other suits that are based on this claim.

When there is a wrongful termination issue or sexual harassment claims in the work environment, these issues are serious and require rigorous investigation. It is important that employees who are dealing with sexual harassment keep accurate records of everything. Such evidence could help with a claim or suit if filed.

Experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace is not only difficult to endure but also hard to admit as being a reality. It is important that employees speak with the appropriate resources in order to understand their situation and determine what legal options they have.

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