Vikings punter might sue for employment discrimination

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The workplace is where colleagues and supervisors communicate and work together. During verbal exchanges, various statements might be made that result in an uncomfortable situation. If workplace discrimination occurs, a hostile work environment could be the result.

Following some sensitive comments being heard about gay marriage and homosexuality, former Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe stated that he might sue the NFL team for employment discrimination. The punter considers himself a vocal advocate for same-sex rights and gay marriage, and recently accused his special teams coach for making anti-gay and homophobic remarks.

Although it was recently announced that Kluwe was retiring from the NFL, he has now made the claim that he was confident that he was fired for his views and oral advocacy on the topic. These allegations have been denied, which has sparked an internal investigation of the claims.

When an employee is alleging a wrongful termination or discrimination in the workplace, it is important to adequately consider the claims being made. During this stage or even once investigation in complete, a cause of action could be available. This could allow the employee who has endured employment discrimination to seek damages in the situation. This could come in the form of back pay, future pay and other related damages.

An employee who believes they are dealing with a hostile work environment stemming form discrimination in the workplace should seek to understand their situation and available options. This will allow them to determine what legal route to take while also preserving their interests and protecting their rights.

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