Five officers in Richfield file age discrimination suit

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For many Minnesotans, finding a long-term career is not only ideal but it is quite an accomplishment. When an employee remains with the same employer throughout a career, it is often celebrated because they did not have to deal with layoffs or multiple career changes. Although it can be a positive experience, some older employees do not always reap the benefits of being an older employee. Some older employees may experience employment discrimination due to their age and may not be afforded the opportunity to obtain a promotion. This often leads to hostile work environment or even wrongful termination.

After alleging that they were denied the opportunity to receive promotions as well as special assignments, five police officers in Richfield have sued the city in Hennepin County for age discrimination. The five officers include four men and one woman between the ages of 44 and 54-years-old.

All of the officers claimed that the city recently changed their standards for promotions and assignments within the last two years. This had the effect of shutting out the older officers from obtaining those positions.

The suit also claims that the city violated the Minnesota Human Rights Act while also alleging that the city caused a hostile work environment for these officers. Issues regarding employment discrimination are considered very serious, and any employee that believes that they are experiencing such a situation should understand whether or not they have a cause of action.

It is important that employees have the instance or instances of discriminations recorded and investigated. This will not only ensure that all information is considered but could also save them time. Obtaining guidance and assistance in these situations is important because it help serve their interests while also protecting their rights.

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