Settlement reached after hotel workers claim age discrimination

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2014 | Age Discrimination |

As employees age, they often consider whether they want to remain at their job. They could also face the decision to change careers or whether they should retire. Despite these thoughts, employers should not be the ones to establish whether an older employee will remain in their position. Wrongful termination due to age biases violates the civil rights of the employee.

After four former employees filed an age discrimination suit against Interstate Hotels and Resorts, a settlement was recently reached. The Virginia-based firm that managed the Kahler Grand Hotel, located in Rochester, agreed to a confidential settlement for the claims that stemmed from statements made by management at the hotel.

According to reports, the group’s lead executive supposedly called one of the plaintiffs an “older gal” and claimed that she should retire. Allegedly, after these statements were made, four employees were terminated.

The ages of these four employees ranged from 64 to 72. Following this termination, a complaint was filed and the terminated employees claimed that the management group violated the Minnesota Human Rights Act when they decided to fire them.

Employment discrimination could lead to a hostile workplace and even unlawful termination. When an employee is being mistreated due to their age, they might have a cause of action. This could provide them with compensation to cover the damages they have suffered due to the discrimination they endured.

When an employee is unsure whether they are experiencing employment discrimination, they may want to get more information in order to assess their situation. This will help an employee who may have experienced discrimination be better aware of their options.

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