Dismissed sexual harassment claim revived

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2014 | Sexual Harassment |

No matter the gender of an employee, if an employer or co-worker makes him or her feel uncomfortable or creates a hostile work environment, there are different actions that can be taken to address the situation. In the case of sexual harassment, comments or inappropriate attention could cause an employee to take action or fail to comply with these advancements. This could eventually lead to the employee quitting or suffering wrongful termination.

The Minnesota Appeals Court recently revived a sexual harassment claim that was filed by a library administrator. The claim was originally filed in Wabasha County District Court and alleged that the woman suffered sexual harassment, was wrongfully terminated. The complaint also claimed that the city violated the open meeting laws.

Last fall, the district court judge dismissed the lawsuit, but recently the appeals court decided that the allegations of sexual harassment must be heard, causing the sexual harassment claim to be revived. According to reports, the woman stated that the Former Lake City Mayor showed up at her apartment uninvited and made several unwelcomed sexual advances. The woman rejected these advancements. Following her supposed wrongful termination, she filed the original claim that included the sexual harassment charges.

When employees believe that they are enduring sexual harassment in the workplace or by a superior, they should understand they have options and can file a cause of action to remedy the situation and compensate them for any damages suffered. Seeking advice about the situation might provide them with insight and options. This will also ensure that they do not suffer unfair retaliation.

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