Ex-director files discrimination charges against Northfield COC

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Employees in Minnesota understand that bad workweeks happen, and some might even make career changes due to the work environment not being a proper fit. Despite this, employees should not quit or be terminated for improper reasons. A wrongful termination could be based on employment discrimination. When an employer bases their hiring and firing decisions on the specific characteristics of the employee, this could be ground for a civil action.

It was recently confirmed that the former director of the Northfield Area Chamber of Commerce filed discrimination charges against the Northfield Chamber. These claims date from November 2013 when she was presumably terminated. Months after the incident, the former director contacted the Minnesota Department of Human Rights to establish whether investigation of her termination was warranted.

An investigation was initiated and recent statements regarding this ongoing investigation was made. The former director stated that the department was moving forward and that formal discrimination charges against the chamber have been filed.

The details of the charges are not known at this time because they are not public information. It was reported that the details would not be disclosed until the case is settled or closed. The former director said that the claims alleged stem from workplace discrimination and also relate to her unlawful termination.

When a cause of action is filed due to wrongful termination, the employee filing the claim could seek compensation for the damages they experienced. This often amounts to lost wages and other related damages and expenses related to the incident.

Taking action against discrimination in the workplace can be a difficult task. Many are fearful to speak out against the events. Furthermore, some employees are not aware of their rights in the situation. If an employee believes they are being discriminated against or were unlawfully terminated, they should seek advice about their options and possible actions against their employer.

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