Settlement reached in Kluwe’s case against the Vikings

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Losing a job can be a devastating and emotional event in an individual’s life. In some situations, a person might be fired or let go due to poor performance, budget cuts or improper behavior in the work environment. Although it is not an uncommon occurrence for a person to lose their job, it could happen for unlawful reasons. A wrongful termination could be linked to employment discrimination and an employee could lose their job due to a personal characteristic they embody.

Much media has surrounded the release of Chris Kluwe from the Minnesota Vikings due to his support for same-sex marriages. It was recently reported that the parties involved in the suit intend to announce that a settlement has been reached, however, it has not been confirmed that a settlement has been finalized.

While the Vikings still insist that Kluwe was terminated based on his performance alone, Kluwe continued to defend his performance stating that the statistics for the team indicated he had a career-best net average. Furthermore, he claimed that his performance also puts him as the best punter in Vikings history. The recent employment discrimination suit claims that he was released for his comments against the intolerant language used by the special teams coordinator as well as his vocal opinion in support of gay marriages.

It was reported that the special teams coordinator would have to serve a three-game suspension during the 2014 NFL season. Furthermore, it was stated that he pledged $100,000 to LGBT rights organizations. He was also required to complete antiharassment, diversity and sexual orientation sensitivity training. The completion of this training could result in a reduced suspension. There is no word on the compensation Kluwe might receive for the damages he endured in this situation.

When an employee believes they are a victim of employment discrimination or have been wrongfully discharged for personal beliefs or characteristics, they might have a cause of action based on their civil rights. This could result in compensation being awarded to cover the losses and damages they suffered in the situation. In these matters, it is important that they understand their options so they can take appropriate action. In most cases, it is crucial to speak out about these instances and report them so action could be taken.

Source: Advocate, “Chris Kluwe Reaches Settlement With Vikings Over Discrimination Claims,” Annie Hollenbeck, August 18, 2014

Source: Advocate, “Chris Kluwe Reaches Settlement With Vikings Over Discrimination Claims,” Annie Hollenbeck, August 18, 2014