Understanding whistleblower protection and workplace violations

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2014 | Whistleblower Protection |

When employees in Minnesota witness or believe there is a violation in the workplace, they should be able to speak out or report these violations. Our firm understands that it can be a difficult decision to report an employer, but employees should understand their rights regarding whistleblower protection. These protections or rights have been put in place in order to promote such opposition or reporting of workplace violations. Employees should be aware of these rights so they feel comfortable taking action to protect their and their coworkers’ well-being.

In many situations, it is considered a heroic action when employees take a stance to oppose or report their employer for violations of state or federal laws. While some employees are fearful that their employer will retaliate if they discover they took action, whistleblower rights help protect employees in these situations.

If an employer demotes, fires or discriminates against the employee due to their actions of opposition or their speaking out about the violations, an employee can file an action to recover damages they experienced or incurred. Loss of wages, emotional distress, civil rights violations and other damaging effects could occur when an employer retaliates, and our firm understands how greatly this could impact an individual. This is why we seek to explain whistleblower rights to employees so they understand the actions available to them in these situations.

Observing federal or state violations in the workplace can be very stressful, and employees are often torn about what actions they should take and what rights they have if they decide to take action. Our firm’s whistleblower overview could help employees dissect their situation and determine how to act. This will ensure their rights and interests are protected and preserved.

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