Globe University’s appeal denied in whistleblower action

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A recent post to this blog has highlighted the importance of whistleblower rights and how they serve to protect the rights of an employer after they speak out about illegal activities carried out by their employer. Despite this being a legal action, employers tend to retaliate or cause damages to the employee that blew the whistle. This leads to whistleblower actions, which seek to prove that the employee acted lawfully.

It was recently reported that the Minnesota Supreme court denied the petition for an appeal by Globe University. This decision marks the end of the lawsuit that was decided just over a year ago.

This suit stemmed from an action between Globe University – Minnesota School of Business and an employer, who was the former dean of the school. The suit initiated when the employee was fired after she blew the whistle on the school. The employee claimed that the school has misleading, illegal and unethical practices. This suit resulted in nearly $1 million being pay to the former dean.

When a whistleblower is mistreated or fired due to their actions, it is important that they understand that they have rights. An employer is not justified and does not have the right to demote, terminate, harass or mistreat an employee for making a claim that illegal acts are occurring in the workplace. In these matters, whistleblower rights should be asserted.

A whistleblower action could also serve to provide an employee with compensation for the damages they suffered in the situation. This could be for back pay, punitive damages and other losses caused by the situation. Those dealing with a whistleblower situation should ensure they understand their legal rights and remedies so they can protect their rights and interests.

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