We can help you file an action for age discrimination

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2015 | Age Discrimination |

Employees in Minnesota often think that with age comes wisdom, knowledge and experience. While this could be a beneficial for some employees, the age of an employee is not always kindly treated in the workplace. Our law firm understands that the age of a worker could result in mistreatment and even unlawful termination. Employees are afforded rights though his or her civil rights, and are afforded the opportunity to file actions regarding employment discrimination.

Discrimination based on age is unfortunately something that occurs in some places of employment. Older workers are often viewed as liabilities. They could cost the company more and are sometimes viewed as inferior to younger employees due to their knowledge or current and emerging technologies. Our attorneys are knowledgeable about common situations of age discrimination, and have helped clients file action for wrongful termination, demotion or other forms of discrimination based on age.

Our law firm has much experience helping clients thoroughly investigate their claims and filing actions against their employers. Such actions could result in damages being awarded to the impacted employee. In these matters, an employee could suffer damages such as lost wages, emotional distress and other similar damages. Our attorneys understand how to calculate the damages caused by employment discrimination, and have successfully help clients seek compensation for the losses and damages caused by the situation.

When discrimination occurs in the work place, employees might not be fully aware of their options, who they can talk to and how to remedy the situation. Our firm’s age discrimination overview could serve as a great starting point to get general information. Employees who believe that he or she is a victim of age discrimination should learn more about their legal rights and remedies so they can take appropriate and timely action.