Taking action against disability discrimination

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2015 | Disability Discrimination |

Residents in Minnesota often envision the workplace as a comfortable environment that accepts employees from different backgrounds and with different characteristics. While it is very possible for the work environment to be friendly and filled with content employees, there are some situations that could disrupt even the most peaceful workplace. Our law firm understands that events of discrimination not only disrupt the work environment, they violate the rights of employees.

Dealing, or living, with a temporary or permanent disability can present some life challenges. In the work environment, if an employee is mistreated because of his or her mental or physical disability, this is considered a form of discrimination. Our law firm has successfully helped past clients combat situations involving harassment and discrimination based on a disability.

Whether an employer does not allow an employee to keep their job after suffering a disability, does not allow an employee to seek treatment for an ongoing disability, does not make reasonable accommodations in the workplace for those with disabilities or fails to recognize all forms and types of disabilities employees could suffer, these acts could serve as evidence of employee discrimination.

If you believe that an employer or a colleague is harassing you or is discriminating against you based on a disability, it is important to understand that employee rights are afforded for employees in these types of situations. Our attorneys have helped past clients collect the necessary evidence to successfully make state and federal claims regarding discrimination. This has helped past clients collect compensation for the damages they suffered from the incident.

To learn more about the options available, check out our law firm’s disability discrimination website. This could provide general information about disability discrimination and ways employees could address it.