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Employees in Minnesota and elsewhere might make observations of certain actions or processes in the workplace. While many of these actions are considered proper and ethical business practices, others might cross legal and ethical lines. If an employee believes they observed a violation of a law or laws in the workplace, that employee might be fearful to speak out or file a report. However, whistleblower rights afford an employee protection when he or she reports an employer for violations in the workplace.

Federal laws protect whistleblowers from retaliatory acts by an employer. This includes actions such as termination, demotions, harassment and other acts of mistreatment.

Our attorneys are knowledgeable and skilled at handling whistleblower retaliation cases. We have helped past clients successfully navigate his or her actions, assisting them in their recovery of damages caused by the situation.

An employee may be observed engaging in a number of illegal activities, such as the failure to pay overtime, misclassification of federal contractors, directing employees to falsify loan or banking documents or covering up undocumented workers. If an employee reports an employer in good faith, that employee will be protected by employment rights.

The law office of John A. Klassen, PA has been advocating for employees for over a decade and has focused on protecting and upholding the rights afforded to employees and in various employment situations. To learn more, check out our law firm’s whistleblower violation website. This could provide general information for employees and help them take timely and appropriate action to protect his or her rights.