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Not all work situations are ideal. In some cases, serious situations of employment discrimination are the root cause for issues in the workplace. Such situations should be confronted, and at our law firm we understand that taking steps to address discrimination in the workplace is not an easy task to complete.

As a previous post discussed, race discrimination is a serious situation for employees and job applicants, leading some to take action. If you believe you have suffered race discrimination in the course of employment or during the application process based on a pre-application screening, it is important to address this situation.

At our law firm we attempt to help clients determine whether any civil rights or employment rights have been violated. Whether it is a remark made by an employer, experiencing a demotion, not being considered for a promotion or not being hired, if these actions were taken based on the race of the employee or applicant, an employer could be held liable for these violations.

With almost two decades of experience, our law firm has provided clients with our personal attention, honest advice and legal strategies to successfully address needs and goals. Defending and upholding the rights of our clients is our goal, and we attempt to make it our priority that our clients understand the rights afforded to them with regards to employment. We have experience researching events of employment discrimination and work hard to uncover evidence for cases of wrongful termination, race discrimination and other forms or employment discrimination. To learn more, please check out our law firm’s employment discrimination overview.