Sexual harassment settlement reached in Mankato case

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As a previous blog pointed out, situations involving sexual harassment can spark an uncomfortable situation for Minnesota employees. Additionally, the situation is often difficult to speak out about, and some employees fail to timely report instances of sexual harassment in the workplace. When an employee feels he or she is being mistreated or being harassed based on their sex, it is important to file a complaint. Moreover, if damages have resulted from the situation, the harmed employee might be able to file a cause of action.

A sexual harassment settlement was recently reached in a case that involved Jack Link’s Beef, a Wisconsin-based snack company and a former employee at the companies Mankato location. According to reports, the victim in the case was hired in August of 2012 and almost immediately began suffering sexual harassment from her supervisor.

After making claims of unwanted sexual advances, her employer disciplined the harasser. Nonetheless, it was reported that the alleged harasser was soon promoted to a position that would allow him to work more closely with the victim. Additionally, it was claimed that the employer undermined its efforts to address this claim of sexual harassment and failed to continually monitor the alleged harasser.

According to the Minnesota Department of Human rights, the victim informed her employer on Dec. 9, 2012, that she could no longer tolerate what was going on in the workplace. Investigation revealed that multiple female employees confirmed that the supervisor in question had frequently made inappropriate comments and inappropriately touched female employees.

As a result of this matter, a sexual harassment claim was filed and the victim received a settlement of $50,000. The company also will provide proper training for all employees on how to properly respond to sexual harassment in the work environment.

Employees who believe he or she is a victim of sexual harassment should understand that they have rights and options. It is important to speak out about these incidents and understand what could be done to address any issues or concerns regarding sexual harassment in the workplace.

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