Past employee of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ claims age discrimination

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The longevity of a career is often dependent on the success of the employee and whether or not the employee decides to remain at that position. While situations might occur when an individual might seek a different role, get a promotion or start an entirely different career, employees in Minnesota and elsewhere do not expect a career to end because a younger employee has been brought in to do the job. Such an occurrence may be a form of employment discrimination that is based on the age of the employee.

According to recent reports, and employee of the well-known sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” has asserted claims of age discrimination. The former Second Assistant Director of the show filed a complaint following his termination. As the show enters its ninth season, this employee has worked on the show since the beginning. He was fired at the end of the season on April 8, 2015.

Despite his many years of experience in the industry, he asserts that he was fired because of his age. In his claim, he alleges that when he turned 50-years-old during season 6 of the show, he was prevented from performing the duties of his role even though he retained the title. Additionally, the claim indicates that much younger producers were brought in to do his job. Also, he notes being treated differently by members of the cast.

When an employee asserts a claim for age discrimination, that employee must prove certain factors that show that the employee was mistreated or terminated due to age. In these actions, if it is determined that discrimination was a factor, the employee could recover compensation for the damages suffered. This could include lost wages and even punitive damages.

If employees are being discriminated against because of their age, it is important to take steps to address this. Reporting mistreatment is often a good step to take. However, it is important to fully understand any and all options available.

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