Protecting your rights and holding harassers accountable

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2015 | Sexual Harassment |

The workplace today is filled with much diversity. This is especially true with regards to a mix of men and women working together at all positions in the work environment. And while diversity today is considered very positive, it could result in very uncomfortable situations or even harassment. Because of this, our law firm focuses on advocating on behalf of employees, ensuring that his or her rights are protected.

The law office of John A. Klassen, PA, has helped employees in Minnesota better understand their situation when he or she is a victim of sexual harassment. Some individuals are not fully aware that he or she is a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace. Our legal staff is very knowledgeable of applicable employment laws, and have helped past client successfully navigate their actions.

Sexual harassment affects employees of both genders and all sexual orientations. Types of behavior that is often considered sexual harassment include unwanted physical touching, inappropriate attention, unwanted exposure to graphic sexual discussion, conduct or content, unwelcomed sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, inappropriate comments and physically threatening behavior because of an employee’s sex or gender.

No matter the sex of the harasser or the victim, sexual harassment can occur in various situations. Because of this, victims should not only understand when he or she is a victim of sexual harassment but also when they witness it occurring in the workplace. Additionally, if an employee makes a report regarding the harassment and an employer failed to protect them, the employee could have a case against their employer as well.

To lean more, check out our law firm’s sexual harassment overview. This website could provide general information, helping employees take timely and informed steps to protect his or her rights.