Know when to fight against age discrimination

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2016 | Age Discrimination |

Many Minnesotans are hard-working no matter what their age. Individuals take pride in their jobs and work hard to ensure that they are doing the very best that they can. However, it is an unfortunate reality for many Minnesotans that their age comes into consideration when their employer is making hiring and firing decisions.

Age discrimination in America is common. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission more than 10,000 age discrimination claims have been filed in the United States since 2006. These individuals have been refused promotions, terminated and not hired because of their age. This is wrong.

Despite the legal protections in place, age discrimination still occurs in Minnesota. When someone is over the age of 40, their age cannot be a factor in employment related decisions. If employers choose not to follow this simple rule, then employees may have legal recourse.

The attorneys at our law firm understand how difficult it can be for an individual who has faced age discrimination in the workplace. Not only can it be difficult to gather the evidence necessary to prove this case, but it can be emotionally difficult to challenge an employer in court. Whether people have faced outright discrimination and harassment, or something subtler, it is important to exercise this right.

However, with our help individuals can fight against age discrimination. Individuals can assert their legal rights so that employers know that this type of treatment is unacceptable. Our attorneys can help individuals uncover evidence of discrimination and effectively present this evidence to the EEOC and in court. As a result, individuals can receive the compensation they deserve following this discrimination.

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