Minnesota company settles discrimination suit for over $1 million

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2016 | Employment Discrimination |

It is an unfortunate fact that discrimination in the workplace is not a thing of the past. After all, there are now laws that prohibit workplace discrimination under certain circumstances, such as discrimination based on race, national origin, religion, gender and age. However, some employers in Minnesota still behave unscrupulously and engage in discriminating acts when hiring individuals.

Recently, one Minnesota company has reached a settlement with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to pay over $1 million to certain job applicants who were discriminated against in the company’s hiring process. The EEOC determined that the company ran afoul of federal civil rights law. In addition, the EEOC will monitor the company for four years to ensure that individuals are hired based on their merit and that no further acts of discrimination in the hiring process occur.

Reportedly, females and individuals age 40 or older were passed up for sales positions simply due to their age or gender. The EEOC reports that the company, which manufactured medical equipment, had a pattern of systematically and intentionally committing hiring discrimination. While it hired more than 70 sales representatives, none of these workers were women or individuals age 40 or older. A human resource worker for the company notified the EEOC that she thought the company was engaging in illegal discrimination. She no longer works for the company.

This example serves as a significant example of how employment discrimination in the hiring process is a serious issue. No one should be disqualified from being hired based simply on their gender or age. It is important that individuals who feel that they were subject to employment discrimination seek the help they need to address the issue.

Source: Insurance Journal, “Minnesota Company to Pay over $1M to Resolve Discrimination Lawsuit,” March 14, 2016