Quid pro quo and sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2016 | Sexual Harassment |

Individuals in Minnesota may believe that if they work hard at their jobs, that they can see rewards. They may believe that they could get a raise or a promotion by their own efforts. However, sometimes more sinister forces are at work when individuals are promoted in the workplace. There are cases where employees are offered incentives for participating in illegal conduct in the workplace.

In some situations, a quid pro quo arrangement occurs. A quid pro quo arrangement occurs when an employee is offered an incentive in exchange for meeting sexual demands. In other words, in this arrangement an employee engages in sexual conduct in exchange for some workplace benefit. A quid pro quo offer or arrangement is a form of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Employees who have been asked to engage in a quid pro quo arrangement may have legal rights and remedies. If employees can show that certain employment opportunities were conditioned upon the fulfillment of a sexual demand, the employee may be entitled to compensation as a result of the sexual harassment. The employee also must have suffered some repercussion as a result of denying this request.

In a lawsuit against the employer that engaged in quid pro quo sexual-harassment, an employee may be entitled to a variety of compensation. This compensation can include actual damages like lost wages and lost job opportunities. It can also include punitive damages and emotional damages that the employee has suffered.

Employees often have to act fast following sexual harassment in order to preserve their legal rights. Individuals should speak with an attorney in order to preserve their legal rights when they believe sexual-harassment has affected their workplace situation.