What are reasonable accommodations?

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2016 | Disability Discrimination |

There are many people in Minnesota who live with a disability. This disability may prevent these individuals from being able to complete everyday tasks in the same way that a non-disabled person would complete them. However, that does not mean the individuals are incapable of many of the same work-related tasks.

Often, disabled individuals just need slight accommodations in order to account for their unique disability. Under federal employment laws, specifically the Americans with Disability Act of 1990, employers must make reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities. This means that employers must undertake changes in order to help disabled individuals complete their jobs.

Specifically, there are three categories of reasonable accommodations outlined by the ADA. First, a reasonable accommodation includes adjustments to the application process that would allow an individual with disabilities to be considered for a position that the person is otherwise qualified for.

Additionally, reasonable accommodations include adjustments and modifications to the work environment that allow an individual with disabilities to perform the essential functions of that job.

Finally, reasonable accommodations can also mean adjustments that allow a disabled individual to enjoy the same privileges and benefits of the employment that other employees without disabilities are entitled to and enjoy.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claims that variety of specific accommodations fall under these categories. These include changing tests or training materials, acquiring modification equipment, restructuring jobs or making existing facilities accessible. Reasonable accommodations can also include reassignment to a different position and modifying a work schedule.

Disabled individuals in Minnesota are entitled to these reasonable accommodations while at work. Disability discrimination, however, still occurs despite these laws. Individuals that have suffered because of disability discrimination, should understand their legal rights. An attorney can give specific legal advice when people feel employment laws have been violated.