Whistleblower protection against retaliation in the workplace

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While most employers in Minnesota treat their employers fairly, there are always exceptions. Some unethical employers engage in illegal workplace discrimination or harassment against employees. When this happens, some employees may report such behavior to the appropriate authorities. It takes a certain amount of bravery to do so, but some employees will speak out against their employer if they feel it will make their workplace a better place. Unfortunately, some of these employees who “blow the whistle” will find that their employer retaliates against them for doing so.


In fact, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which oversees workers’ rights when it comes to discrimination, reported that in 2006 over 10,000 claims of retaliation were reported to the agency. This is certainly a problem that is not going to simply go away any time soon.

For example, an employee may find that he or she has been demoted, transferred or overlooked for a promotion because he or she stood up for what was right. He or she may be negatively evaluated without just cause. The worker may find that he or she no longer has any career opportunities or he or she may experience harassment. The whistleblower may even be subject to wrongful termination.

No employee should fear that if he or she reports his or her employer’s unethical or illegal behavior, that he or she will lose his or her job. Unfortunately, this sometimes happens. When it does, employees may wonder if they have any legal recourse. One thing they may want to consider is consulting with an attorney. For example, attorney John A. Klassen, PA, has years of experience representing those who have been retaliated against in the workplace. He evaluates his clients’ cases to determine what action to take. Sometimes, it is possible to seek compensation. His website can help individuals learn more about whistleblower protection and retaliation in Minnesota.