Were you let go due to a wrongful termination?

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For many Minneapolis residents having a job is a necessary evil. One must work in order to earn one’s paycheck, and a paycheck is often a necessity when it comes to paying one’s rent, buying food and making sure one’s utility bills are covered. Unless a person is independently wealthy, he may depend on his job in order to financially support himself and his family.

Jobs, though, are not always forever, and in some cases an employer may have a legitimate reason for having to let a worker go. Not every termination is unlawful, but there are an unfortunate number of cases that involve people getting fired from their jobs for prohibited reasons. For many who lose their jobs due to their employers’ unlawful acts, discrimination is the basis of their wrongful terminations.

A wrongful termination based on discrimination can arise when a person’s employer uses the person’s inclusion in a protected class as the basis for her dismissal. Protected classes include but are not limited to age, race and religious affiliation. Getting fired for being over a certain age or practicing a particular faith system is not legal; these and other discriminatory acts can mean terminated workers have legal recourse against their former employers.

The law firm of John A. Klassen provides legal services in the employment law and unlawful termination fields. Though discrimination is a common reason that workers are wrongfully dismissed from their jobs, other reasons like retaliation can also form foundations for wrongful termination claims. Attorney Klassen is accepting new clients, and individuals who would like to learn more about whether their employment terminations were legal may choose to contact him to discuss their legal options. To learn more about his employment law practice, please visit John A. Klassen online at his wrongful termination website.