Workers do not have to put up with disability discrimination

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2016 | Disability Discrimination |

Many workers in Minnesota with disabilities are still able to perform a wide variety of jobs. They should not be discriminated against, be denied work opportunities or denied work altogether, just because they have a disability. Unfortunately, instances of discrimination occur on an all too frequent basis.

Employers might fire a worker because the worker needs to seek treatment for his or her disability. Employers may refuse to provide a disabled worker with a reasonable accommodation. Employers may not recognize that some disabilities are mental, not physical. These, and other acts of discrimination, are illegal, but that doesn’t stop them from happening.

Disability harassment is also a serious workplace issue. For example, an employer might make disparaging comments about a worker’s disability. Employers might also subject disabled workers to negative working conditions. These and other forms of harassment are not only inappropriate, but they are illegal as well.

What workers and employers in Minnesota might not know is that discrimination based on a disability extends to women who are pregnant, as pregnancy is deemed per law to be a temporary disability. Therefore, pregnant workers are still entitled to reasonable accommodations in the workplace, and to be free from discrimination and harassment.

In any event, being discriminated against or harassed at work can be humiliating, discouraging and extremely harmful. It is for this reason that workers who face workplace discrimination or harassment to stand up for their rights. Whether it is discrimination based on a physical disability, a mental disability or pregnancy, it is possible to seek legal action against an employer’s unlawful conduct. However, it can be difficult to know where to begin with such a case. Therefore, those who want to pursue legal action may want to first consult with an attorney.

For example, attorney John A. Klassen has two decades of legal experience in disability discrimination and harassment claims. He can help clients put together a strategy to fight against discrimination and harassment. His firm aims to help clients understand their options under the law, and will provide clients with an honest assessment of their legal situation. His webpage on disability discrimination and harassment may be of help to individuals facing such challenges.