Race discrimination alleged by former state employee

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Race relations in America today are frayed. Many people feel that they are not being treated appropriately and that the reasons for such treatment might be based on race and race alone. It is an unfortunate reality that our country is not yet at a point where we can put the wrongs of past racial injustices behind us. When discrimination is based on race, there needs to be an answer.

The answer for one former employee of the State of Minnesota was to file an employment discrimination lawsuit, according to a recent report. The report indicates that the former employee had been employed by the Office of Public Safety — an office with a staff of about 300. The employee, who was one of only four African-Americans employed at the office, claims that she was subjected to race discrimination in the form of “offensive” and “derogatory” language from co-workers. That language, the report states, triggered the worker’s post-traumatic stress disorder, which she had suffered from since childhood.

From there, the employee reportedly told her supervisor about the issues. But, that apparently did not help the situation. In the time after that the supervisor informed the employee that her probationary period was being extended, in part due to reported “communication” issues she was having in the position. The discrimination reportedly got so bad at one point that the employee decided to take a leave of absence from work.

When an employee in Minnesota suffers from race discrimination at work, a lawsuit may be an option. This type of harassment is never acceptable conduct in the workplace. Therefore, workers who feel they have been subjected to discrimination or harassment in the workplace should not be afraid to take the necessary and appropriate action against it.

Source: Star Tribune, “Former state employee sues Minnesota for discrimination, retaliation,” Mary Lynn Smith, March 3, 2017