The psychological impact of employment discrimination

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2017 | Employment Discrimination |

Some of our readers may remember what it felt like to be bullied or made fun of on the playground in grade school – it was uncomfortable, irritating, frustrating and saddening. Most people probably expected this type of behavior to fade away as people grow up into adulthood. But, unfortunately, adults can be responsible for some of this regretful behavior as well, oftentimes culminating in employment discrimination in the workplace.

And, as it turns out, the victims of employment discrimination will oftentimes feel the same feelings as the victims of a schoolyard bully: frustration, stress, helplessness and depression. A recent report noted a study which indicates that a full one-fourth of employment discrimination victims suffer from these psychological impacts.

Even more victims reported that workplace discrimination has an impact on their engagement, motivation and commitment in their jobs. 66 percent of the surveyed respondents reported these feelings, in addition to impacting their desire for advancing in the workplace.

When Minnesota residents suffer from employment discrimination in any form, whether it is based on age, race, disability or gender, among others, it is clear that there is a psychological impact that can hinder a person permanently. No one should have to be subjected to any kind of discrimination in the workplace. However, those who have been subjected to discrimination may have legal options. State and federal employment laws protect employees from workplace discrimination. It is important for victims of workplace discrimination in Minnesota to learn more about their rights under employment law.

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