Teacher in Minnesota questions school programs, faces retaliation

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2017 | Employment Discrimination |

Most people are highly appreciative of the hard work and dedication it takes to be a teacher in America. We all know that these jobs are underfunded and highly scrutinized, so it takes a special type of person to be willing to be a teacher. And, when teachers try to help their students and the school districts they work for, they should be applauded, not punished. But, according to a recent report, one such teacher from Minnesota did not receive a positive result for his efforts.

The recent report indicates that the teacher, a black male, has alleged in a lawsuit that he faced race-based retaliation for questioning certain educational programs at his school district in St. Paul. At the time, the man was a fourth-grade teacher.

According to the teacher’s allegations, he brought light to the fact that certain statistics about disciplinary action for minority students in his school district were being skewed. He found the conduct to be fraudulent and unethical, so he spoke out. Soon afterward, he was subjected to investigations by the school district. The teacher believes that he was targeted because he is black.

Employment discrimination has no place in society, but the sad reality is that it still occurs. Fortunately, legal protections are in place that can help employees — like this teacher in St. Paul — hold employers accountable for their illegal employment practices. The recent report about this case indicates that it may end in a settlement soon, but the teacher who has alleged that he faced discrimination also indicates that he will pursue the case for as long as is necessary.

Source: foxnews.com, “Black Minnesota teacher says district discriminated against him for questioning race-based programs,” Caleb Parke, Oct. 15, 2017