Allegations claim race discrimination is occurring at CNN

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2017 | Employment Discrimination |

Many of our readers in Minnesota have probably seen the many different reports concerning allegations of sexual harassment and gender discrimination taking place at Fox News, one of the cable news giants in America. However, a recent report suggests that Fox News isn’t the only media company with an employment discrimination problem on its hands.

According to a recent report, CNN, one of the other cable news giants — and a competitor of Fox News — is reportedly facing allegations of race discrimination in the workplace. The report states that the allegations are similar to previous allegations that were filed in a lawsuit against CNN that was dismissed. This time, the report indicates that the allegations will be filed against CNN as a class action lawsuit.

The allegations stem from reports that CNN engages in employment discrimination against African-American employees. In fact, the allegations are so numerous that over 200 individuals will likely be part of the class action lawsuit that will be filed. The original lawsuit, which was dismissed in early 2017, already included 175 plaintiffs.

Among the allegations, there are reports that CNN blocks the advancement of African-American employees up the management ranks. There is also a report that at least one person was terminated from employment with CNN when she notified the human resources department about the discriminatory conduct she experienced. When the new class action lawsuit against CNN is filed, it will be the news company itself that likely finds itself the subject of the evening news reports due to this allegedly discriminatory conduct.

While people will certainly want to keep an eye on how this case progresses, what it comes down to is that no one deserves to be the victim of employment discrimination based on race or any other factor. Sometimes, when all other measures have failed, it is necessary to take legal action in order to compensate victims and stop discrimination in the workplace.

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