Latinos commonly face employment discrimination

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2017 | Employment Discrimination |

Discrimination in the Minneapolis workplace has been in the national news headlines quite a bit recently, due to the sexual harassment and abuse allegations that seem to be flooding out of Hollywood lately. Any type of discrimination should not be tolerated in the workplace. While that includes sex discrimination on movie sets and elsewhere, it also includes many other types of discrimination, including discrimination based on race.

Unfortunately, according to one report, one out of every three Latinos questioned for a recent survey stated that they have experienced some type of discrimination based on their race or ethnicity. The survey, conducted in part by researchers at Harvard University, also asked the same question of most other races and ethnicities.

Discrimination against Latinos was not limited to just employment situations either. But, job-related discrimination is where the results of the survey showed the most instances of discrimination based on race and ethnicity. A whopping 33 percent of Latinos surveyed reported experiencing employment discrimination when applying for jobs. Thirty-two percent reported experiencing employment discrimination when it came to getting equal pay or being promoted.

Many Latinos who were questioned for the survey also reported that they have been called racial slurs or experienced other people acting as if they were afraid of Latinos. Latinos employed full-time and part-time alike are reportedly subject to race and ethnicity-based discrimination.

It is obviously unfortunate that discrimination in any facet of life still exists in today’s society. But, victims of discrimination don’t have to stand by idly. They may be able to hold those who violate employment laws liable via a discrimination lawsuit.

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