The “Me Too” movement and sexual harassment allegations

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2017 | Sexual Harassment |

The wave of sexual harassment and assault news stories and allegations that have been sweeping through workplaces throughout the nation apparently has a name in the news media: the “Me Too” movement. Dozens of people’s sexual harassment stories – mostly women – have been receiving heightened attention, resulting in the end of the professional careers of many of the alleged perpetrators.

In fact, as a recent article noted, the highly scrutinized Time Magazine “Person of the Year” was recently revealed to be the women who are shedding a light on the pervasiveness of sexual harassment and abuse in America. But, the recent article also noted that, in many of the instances that are being publicized, it is only “famous” people who are being caught in the web of sexual harassment allegations. For “regular” people, it may be much more difficult to prove that sexual harassment or abuse in the workplace has occurred.

The worst part is that one thing that makes it hard for ordinary people to come forward when they have been victimized in the workplace is the perception that there might be retaliation. They are afraid that they might lose their jobs or face uncomfortable scrutiny from co-workers. Or, even worse, that their reports of sexual harassment will be ignored.

The so-called “Me Too” movement is shining a light on the problems that many people face in the workplace. Anyone in Minnesota who has been the victim of sexual abuse or harassment at their place of employment may want to review their potential legal options.

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