Will reports of sexual harassment in the workplace increase?

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2017 | Sexual Harassment |

Our readers in Minnesota have likely seen several of our recent posts here covering the sweep of sexual harassment claims that is occurring throughout the country. The wave of claims is engulfing celebrities, CEOs and politicians. It seems that the plague of sexual harassment in the workplace is finally being revealed at its fullest extent.

But, what will the future impact of the present wave of disclosure be? According to a recent report, in Minnesota the Department of Human Rights expects that in the new year, 2018, there will likely be an increase in the number of sexual harassment claims it receives. In fact, one member of the Department of Human Rights believes that the wave of sexual harassment cases throughout the country is a “watershed moment.”

However, in the recent report it was noted that it is actually more prevalent for charges of harassment or discrimination in the workplace to result in no formal charges. The Department of Human Rights attempts to review the claims that it receives as a neutral fact-finder. Over the last five years, the report states that the Department of Human Rights has issued between 30 to 50 sexual harassment charges.

There can be no doubt that the many different claims of sexual harassment in the workplace throughout America will have a lasting impact of how workers conduct themselves at their place of employment. However, work still needs to be done, in Minnesota and elsewhere, so that these types of claims are taken seriously from the outset.

Source: CBS Minnesota, “Minn. Dept. Of Human Rights Expects Sexual Harassment Reports To Rise In 2018,” Liz Collin, Dec. 21 2017