Will sexual harassment allegations go too far?

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2018 | Sexual Harassment |

Our readers who are familiar with previous posts here know that a wave of sexual harassment, assault and abuse claims is sweeping through the country, including in workplaces in Minnesota. While powerful CEOs, celebrities and businesspeople face these claims from California to New York, and everywhere in between, a recent article asked a question that may not yet have been considered by some: Will sexual harassment allegations go too far?

The recent article noted that, toward the end of last year, the number of sexual harassment claims skyrocketed. As a result, many people who were in management positions at their companies lost their jobs. But now, the “wave” of allegations may be cresting as, despite the mood of the country right now, some of the people who are alleged to have engaged in sexual harassment behavior are pushing back against the allegations.

While it seems that, more often than not, allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace have merit, there are concerns that some claims are not being verified adequately, and that the alleged perpetrators are being “judged” too quickly and too harshly. The recent article noted that these concerns may result in backlash against the current movement of exposing sexual harassment.

Employees in Minnesota who have suffered from sexual harassment in the workplace may have questions about how best to handle the situation. Some victims may not feel comfortable “going public” with the allegations for fear of how their own reputation may suffer. However, any victim of sexual harassment should have their claims reviewed in order to learn the best legal option available.

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