What can you do about disability discrimination at your job?

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2018 | Disability Discrimination |

Most people in Minnesota hardly think twice about their morning routine before work – getting ready and commuting. But, for individuals with disabilities, these daily tasks can be a major part of any given day, even before they get to work. And, when individuals with disabilities do get to work, they should not face additional hurdles.

Unfortunately, disability discrimination and harassment are still a problem in some workplaces. Some of the issues can be subtle, like an employer dragging its feet on setting up reasonable accommodations for a person with disabilities. But, other types of disability harassment can be more direct, such as hurtful comments about the person’s disability or comments on the person’s work product. When Minnesota residents face disability discrimination and harassment at work, they need to remember that they have employee rights under state and federal laws.

Millions of people throughout the country do their best to live their lives despite physical and mental disabilities. Those who are able to maintain employment in the face of these challenges deserve our respect, not harassment and discrimination.

At our law firm, we do our best to help our clients who have been victimized by disability discrimination or harassment in their workplaces. By assessing the circumstances of the incidents in question, it can be possible to craft a legal response that will hold the employer responsible for illegal actions. For more information, please visit the disability discrimination and harassment section of our law firm’s website. Victims have the right to respond, under the law.