Helping Minnesota employees with whistleblower protection

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2018 | Whistleblower Protection |

It can be hard for Minnesota residents to imagine a scenario in which they learn that their employer is engaging in illegal activities. But, the reality is that this type of situation can be more common than people think. When these situations do occur, some employees will feel compelled to step forward and inform the proper authorities. Those employees are making a brave choice – and they should not be punished for doing so.

The violation of state or federal laws is the type of conduct that so-called “whistleblowers” can report without the need to be afraid of retaliation. Employment laws are in place to protect these individuals for these exact reasons.

For instance, what is an employee in Minnesota finds out that the employer is not paying employees properly, and is doing so on purpose? Or, what if the employer is making changes to documents, or is hiring undocumented workers? All of these instances could be classified as violations of state or federal law. When an employee reports this conduct, they will be protected under the law.

At our law firm, we work with whistleblowers who know about illegal conduct in their workplace and who want to do the right thing. But, we know that the fear of retaliation can be a big obstacle to overcome. We work with our clients to attempt to make sure that they have all of the relevant information they need to make the right choices. For more information, please visit the whistleblower protection overview section of our law firm’s website.