What do you need to know about wage claims in Minnesota?

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2018 | Employee Rights |

Employee rights in Minnesota include the right to be paid correctly, in the right amount and on time. Employees who believe that this right has been violated by their employer may be able to pursue a wage claim. So, what do our readers need to know about wage claims in Minnesota?

Well, for starters, if an employee is terminated from their position of employment by the employer, the employer is obligated to pay that recently-terminated employee all of their final wages within 24 hours, or immediately upon termination of employment. However, if an employee quits or resigns from a position of employment, the employer is not obligated to pay out final wages until the next scheduled payday. But, if the employee quits within five days of the next payday, the employer will have until the subsequent payday to pay out all final wages, as long as the employer does not exceed the maximum of 20 days from the date upon which the employee resigns or quits.

Why is it so important for employers to pay out the final wages to an employee in a timely manner? Well, if the employer does not do so, it is open to a wage claim from the employee. In a wage claim, the employee can seek not only the amount of unpaid wages that the employer has unlawfully withheld or failed to pay, but can also seek average daily wages for each day the employer is overdue, up to 15 days.

Employees in Minnesota who believe that their wage rights have been violated may also be able to pursue action in civil court. Any of our readers who believe that they may have a legal claim may benefit from getting more information about their unique circumstances.