Do Minnesota’s black residents still face race discrimination?

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2018 | Employee Rights |

Of all the different types of discrimination that a Minnesota resident might face in the workplace, racial discrimination is probably the most common, unfortunately. Although our society has made great strides in this area, particularly through the enactment of various federal and state laws to protect minority workers from discrimination, the sad reality is that racial discrimination still occurs.

But, do Minnesota’s black residents still face discrimination at levels previously seen in the state? After all, according to a recent report, the unemployment rate for black residents of Minnesota is at a historic low-point. The report noted that in May of this year, the unemployment rate for black residents of Minnesota stood at 6.1 percent.

However, another telling statistic noted in the recent report was that the overall unemployment rate in Minnesota is, currently, around 3.1 percent. This means that the unemployment rate for black Minnesota residents is nearly twice as high as the state average. Why?

Well, the recent report posited that racial discrimination among employers is still playing a prominent role in the ability of black Minnesota residents to find employment. For example, the report looked at education levels, as compared between white residents and black residents. Even at similar levels of education, black residents had a lower employment rate than white residents. So, it appears that racial discrimination is still a factor for black residents of Minnesota when it comes to job-hunting. But, in cases of discrimination, these residents who are either employees or potential employees may have legal options.