Do federal workplace discrimination laws cover my workplace?

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2018 | Employment Discrimination |

Much has been said about the various laws that protect against employment discrimination in the workplace in Minneapolis. But, these federal laws provide coverage only if certain requirements are met, and the requirements differ depending on the type of employment discrimination one has faced and the workplace where one is working.

An employer must have a certain number of employees before the laws cover it. For example, a private employer must have 15 employees or more for at least 20 calendar weeks before it can be subjected to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s laws regarding race, age, religion, sex or disability discrimination. Age discrimination laws in a private workplace are only enforceable if there are 20 or more employees who have worked for the employer for 20 or more weeks. All employers are ruled by the Equal Pay Act, regardless of the number of employees.

Age discrimination laws cover all state and local agencies, regardless of how many employees are working there. However, when it comes to race, religion, sex, or disability discrimination, the situation is the same as that of a private employer-there must be 15 or more employees employed for 20 calendar weeks. When it comes to federal agencies, all the laws enforced by the EEOC are applicable to them.

The laws differ depending on the type of discrimination one has experienced and the type of workplace one is in. It can be difficult for the complainant to figure out what space their workplace falls into. Even if federal law doesn’t govern the situation, an experienced attorney could look into local laws to see what coverage is available