A disability should not be a bar to finding a job

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2018 | Disability Discrimination |

The Americans with Disabilities Act is a broad piece of legislation that is intended to protect disabled Americans from the discriminatory practices of employers, governments, and other entities. A person who qualifies as disabled under the definition of the law may invoke its protections when another party has acted in a prohibited and illegal way. It is an unfortunate truth that disability discrimination often occurs when disabled Minnesota residents are seeking employment.

Employers may avoid hiring disabled applicants for many reasons. They may fear that individuals who require accommodations will require more time off from work or that they will be unable to keep up with the demands of the positions they have been hired to fill. Employers may harbor their own unfounded biases and may allow wrongly held beliefs to prevent them from giving consideration to applicants that are disabled.

Discrimination in the workplace does not only happen when a person is in a job. It can occur when a person applies for an open position of employment. The denial of an applicant solely because of their disability is discriminatory and may be subject to legal penalty.

Disabled men and women face challenges each and every day from others who do not understand the vast contributions that they make to their families, their employers, and their communities. Attorney John Klassen is prepared to accept new clients who are fighting to get into jobs despite their existing disabilities. Readers may learn more about the practice online from the firm’s disability discrimination webpage.