Company found to discriminate against women in pay, owes back-pay

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2018 | Employment Discrimination |

Women across the country have fought for years to get treated equally to their male counterparts in all spheres of life, including the workplace. This means that there should be equal opportunity for men and woman in the workplace-equal pay for equal work. While the jobs do not need to be identical, the content of the jobs should be similar enough. It is federal law that a man and woman performing similar tasks be paid similarly.

A Minnesota food service that was accused of violating this law has agreed to pay back taxes to its female employees. Accused of gender pay discrimination, the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs found that the company paid its female employees in the food sector exempt director positions less than male employees were getting in similar positions.

According to the OFCCP, federal contracts have a duty to ensure their pays are not discriminatory. He also reiterated the federal government’s commitment to ensuring equal employment opportunity at companies with federal contracts. Upon the decision, the company agreed to pay almost $399,000 in back pay to nearly 100 female employees in its Minnesota office. The company will also review the policies it has for employee compensation to determine if there any unequal treatment is being carried out and it will also provide equal employment opportunity training.

It might seem difficult to take a stand against employment discrimination happening in the workplace, but it is important to keep in mind that federal laws exist to protect workers against any form of disparate treatment. Those who want to raise their voice might want to consider consulting an experienced attorney for knowledge on how to proceed.