Don’t let fear stop you from doing what is right

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2018 | Whistleblower Protection |

Although some may truly enjoy doing their jobs, most Minnesota residents go to work each day because they need to earn money to support their families. A pay check is an important part of keeping families afloat and securing the resources individuals need, so they can live their lives without fear of knowing where the food, shelter, and other requirements will come from. Not many people actively choose to engage in practices that could threaten their livelihoods and jeopardize their jobs.

However, some workers are placed in very difficult positons when they know their employers are doing something wrong but they are also afraid of speaking up. Witnessing illegal acts or becoming aware of damaging actions by one’s employer can be stressful for a worker who wants to say something but is scared that doing so may cost them their job. For those who are in this terrible situation, attorney John Klassen is available.

Workers who rightfully speak up when their employers are breaking the law are called whistleblowers and whistleblowers are protected by the law. Their employers are not permitted to retaliate against them for doing the right thing and workers should enjoy continued employment as their employers work to right the wrongs brought to light.

John Klassen supports those who are suffering due to the wrongful actions of their employers. His legal practice includes the representation of whistleblowers and their advocacy in court. He is currently taking new clients and is available to discuss whistleblower cases with individuals who are scared of what may happen if they say something about their employers’ practices.