Standing up to employment discrimination

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2018 | Employment Discrimination |

It is a common practice among Minnesota residents to make resolutions for the coming New Year. While some people may resolve to eat better, exercise more and lose weight, others may put their focus on treating others with more respect and giving their time to worthy causes.

As readers reflect on 2018, they are encouraged to look back on the time they spent at work and the treatment that they received from their supervisors and co-workers. Although some readers may find that, in retrospect, their work is pleasant and that their co-workers are kind, others may cringe at the negative and potentially discriminatory treatment they received while doing the work they were hired to perform.

Our readers know that employment discrimination can take on many forms and can affect workers of different racial, economic, religious and gender groups. It can occur during the hiring or firing of an employee, or in relation to many other work-related employment actions. Workers should not need to put up with employment discrimination when they go to their jobs and those who are tolerating it in their places of work are encouraged to take a stand against it in the New Year.

At our law firm, we understand that employment discrimination is a serious problem in America, including in Minnesota. Anyone who is experiencing these problems can get more information from the employment discrimination section of our law firm’s website. In doing so, they may learn that they have legal options that they never realized might be available, in order to help hold employers accountable.