Is hiring on the basis of affinity discriminatory?

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2019 | Employment Discrimination |

Even as the Minnesota administration is touting their inclusiveness in the workplace, the state is facing a lawsuit from a former auditor of the Minnesota Department of Revenue for discriminating against him. According to the former employee, he was blocked from promotions that other less qualified white colleagues received. According to him, he was the one who had trained the promoted individuals.

The Ghana native claimed that the state’s subjective hiring processes and promotion processes have an adverse effect on black workers. He claims that they are constantly passed over for promotions, evidenced by the fact that there was only one black supervisor in the division the former employee worked in.

The superiors at the Revenue Department hire job applicants on the basis of affinity. Allegedly, this means that they hire people they are comfortable with and since most of the employees are already Caucasian, more whites get the jobs and the promotions. The former employee claims artificial barriers were created to prevent him from rising up the ranks and there is no known reason for this, other than his race. The former employee cited a number of instances he was discriminated against in his lawsuit.

Employment discrimination is illegal, be it on the base of race, age, sex or any other condition. If an employee believes he or she was discriminated against, they should take legal steps to correct the situation and ensure it does not take place again. It may seem daunting going against a mammoth company or the administration, but illegalities should be called out and an experienced attorney can stand by wronged employee’s sides to ensure they are treated fairly.