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It is not unusual for Minnesota residents to change jobs throughout their careers. In fact, some individuals may plan to go back to school later in life just so that they can enter a new field or pursue different employment paths. Though some individuals start their work lives with particular employers and stick with them until they retire, it is relatively normal for Americans to move from job to job as their needs and expectations change.

One thing that many workers find it hard to prepare for is the loss of their jobs. Layoffs and terminations can throw workers into economic peril if they were unprepared for such actions to be taken against them. Sometimes these unfortunate scenarios arise due to financial issues within companies. However, they sometimes come up when employers wish to get rid of employees that they do not want because of discriminatory intents.

A wrongful termination occurs when an employee suffers a firing that violates the law. Firings such as these are often the result of discrimination based on the employee’s age, race, gender, religion and other protected classes. Rarely do employers state that they are letting their employees go because of their discriminatory intents; wrongful terminations may be masked as justified terminations in order to protect the employer.

John Klassen works for individuals who have been let go from their jobs and who believe that their rights under the law were violated in the process. His wrongful termination practice is designed to help his clients understand what actions have been taken against them and what recourse they may have. His firm is located in Minneapolis and also offers a diverse array of employment law services to individuals throughout the Twin Cities.