Woman subjected to employment harassment due to period

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2019 | Employment Discrimination |

The human body is a marvel. With so many systems and functions that must work together to keep a person alive it is a miracle that so many people get through each day without illness, injury, or other physical harm. Each day Minnesota residents of all abilities go to work and do their best to accomplish their jobs despite the issues or problems that they may have going on within them; under the law, employers may not discriminate against employees for a variety of reasons, some of which are gender, sex, and disability.

Recently, though, an American worker experienced serious and damaging harassment from her employer when she suffered a natural and common physical manifestation of being a woman: she had her period at work and needed to go home to change her attire due to an accident. When she informed her employer that she would need to leave to change her clothing, she was hit with negative and harassing comments about her condition, her preparedness to handle her own body, and the security of her job.

Additionally, the woman’s boss told her co-workers why she left work and as a result of the harassment the woman felt too uncomfortable to return to her job. She has since filed a lawsuit against her former employer for employment discrimination and harassment.

A person’s sex, gender, or other protected classification cannot serve as the basis for employment decisions, harassment, or discrimination. This individual suffered significant harm as a result of the treatment she endured from her boss due to a common issue that affects woman throughout the world. Her claim may soon be heard in court to determine what damages she may be entitled to due to the experience she had with her employer.