Workplace discrimination alleged at Minnesota Amazon warehouse

On Behalf of | May 16, 2019 | Employment Discrimination |

Most workplaces in Minnesota are a study in diversity. With the people from different backgrounds, religions and national origins, it is important that employers understand how to ensure these workers’ employee rights are upheld. Unfortunately, many workplaces do not follow the law and commit workplace discrimination. For employees who are confronted with these issues, it is imperative to understand that they can take steps to ensure they are treated fairly under the law. If they are not, they can file a lawsuit for compensation.

Three workers at an Amazon warehouse assert they faced religious discrimination because they are Muslim. According to them, the employer failed to provide them with a suitable place for them to pray and employees are fearful of taking the necessary time to do so because they would not meet their quota if they did. Penalties for not meeting that quota of packing items included being written up. A certain number of write-ups will result in the employee being terminated. The women are Somali and they say that the company did not offer promotions to those who are of East African descent.

In another incident, they claim that when there was a rally in a separate facility to seek improved conditions, they were retaliated against because they took part. Some of the retaliatory acts included duties that were not as favorable and having conversations recorded by video. The women were written up. They say the company did not investigate their claims. Amazon refused comment on the case.

Workers must remember that they have the right to practice their religion and be treated reasonably within the law, free of religious discrimination, workplace discrimination and with the full complement of employee rights. Employers large and small should be held accountable for worker mistreatment. When people have faced any kind of employment discrimination, they must think about their rights and call a law firm that is experienced in helping clients who have been confronted with illegality so they can pursue compensation.