Minnesota workers are entitled to whistleblower protections

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2019 | Whistleblower Protection |

Most employers in Minnesota do their work honestly and within the confines of the law. However, what if you find that your employer has engaged in illegal activity such as wage and hour violations, misclassifications of contractors and employees, falsifying documents or committing fraud? You may feel that the right thing to do is to report these acts to the appropriate authorities; however, you may fear you will be fired for doing so.

This fear is not entirely unfounded. Some unscrupulous Minnesota employers not only break the law but also retaliate against those who blow the whistle on their illegal activity. However, employees in such situations may be able to pursue a qui tam action. Such claims are brought per the False Claims Act. The Minnesota Whistleblower Act also protects employees in the state from retaliation for reporting illegal activity on the part of their employer.

At our firm, we understand how dire the consequences can be for a worker who is harassed, demoted or terminated, simply for doing the right thing. We fight for whistleblowers in such situations, to preserve their right to a workplace that treats them in a fair and appropriate manner. It is important for employees who believe their employer has done something unlawful to report the activity to the appropriate channels, including filing a suit on behalf of the U.S. government if necessary.

Unscrupulous employers deserve to be held accountable for their actions, but unfortunately, many may retaliate against those employees who report the unlawful activity. These workers have rights, though, that deserve to be upheld. Our firm’s webpage on whistleblower protection may be a good starting point for those who want more information on this topic. It is important to make well informed timely decisions in these matters.