Worker suffers employment loss due to pregnancy

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2019 | Employment Discrimination |

A baby is a huge addition to any family, regardless of whether the parents have other children or if they have been waiting to grow their brood in size. When Minnesota residents find out that they are expecting, they may worry that their conditions will impact how they are treated at work. Pregnancy should not affect how a woman is treated with regard to her employment, but an American woman recently suffered a massive employment set-back when she revealed to her employer that she was expecting.

The woman worked for a restaurant company on the East Coast and planned to transfer to the company’s restaurant on the West Coast. During the process of finalizing the transfer, the woman found out she was expecting. She informed her employer and that is when the problems began.

Internal emails suggest that the company looked for ways to let her go, and the company even went so far as to get her to sign a letter of resignation from her East Coast position. Because the woman left her original job and was not given a new position on the other side of the company, she lost her health benefits and suffered other significant impediments to her career.

The woman filed a lawsuit against individuals employed by the company, the company itself and others to recover her losses. She had significant work history with the entity before losing her job and chose to plead for her damages through her complaint. Her case is unfortunately not unique, and too many women suffer these and other negative job consequences when they share with their employers that they are going to become parents.