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Can I get terminated for using medical cannabis?

With the use of medical marijuana legal in Minnesota, many individuals may find themselves hesitating from taking the substance for treatment of their medical conditions for fear of getting terminated from their job by testing positive on a drug test. However, it is important for Minnesota residents to know that they are protected from employment discrimination on the basis of using medical cannabis.

Chipotle offers to rehire manager after terminating her

Minnesota residents may have been following the developing news about a local Chipotle firing one of its managers after a video emerged where she suggested that five black customers were not going to pay for their meal. The viral video showed the manager telling one of the customers that they have to pay, because they rarely have money when they come into the store and that food would not be made until the customers had money. The customers complained about stereotypes in the video and one of them took the complaint to social media, resulting in a flood of complaints against the food chain and their decision to terminate the manager in question.

Director of OHFC claims wrongful termination due to retaliation

Getting to the top position at one's employment is difficult for most people, but its often even more difficult for women to get positions of power, for various reasons. Unfortunately, even when women make it to the top they are still subjected to a hostile work environment created by colleagues or subordinates who are not willing to take directions from a woman. Though great strides are being taken to equalize the work and power balance between men and women, the reality is that women are often subjected to harassment and discrimination at most positions and offices.

How do I know if my termination was wrongful?

When someone loses their job, their steady source of income, it is natural to wonder what went wrong or how they could have avoided this situation of sudden unemployment. "Why was I fired?" may be a recurring question, along with the sentiment that one's firing was "unfair", but it is important to understand that unfair may differ from illegal.

Was your termination of employment in violation of your contract?

Thousands of employees in Minnesota have relationships with their employers that are based on an employment contract. These agreements can cover a whole range of issues, such as compensation, benefits and the scope of job assignments. They can also cover the ways in which the employment contract can be terminated by the employer.

Fighting workplace retaliation that leads to wrongful termination

No one enjoys tension in their workplace. For the most part, Minnesota residents want to enjoy what they do for a living, earn a decent income and go home happy to their families. Unfortunately, there are some employees in Minnesota who don't have this type of ideal situation. Instead, they may be subject to various forms of retaliation in the workplace, which can make life miserable.

What can employees in Minnesota do about unsafe work conditions?

Employers in Minnesota are obligated to provide employees with a safe working environment. This obligation includes providing safe facilities, appropriate training and having a system in place to address safety concerns as they arise. Unfortunately, some employees in Minnesota may be working in an environment that ignores these obligations. So, what can employees do about unsafe work conditions at their place of employment?

The basis for a wrongful termination claim

It is never a pleasant thing to be fired from a job. It can be a blackmark on a person's résumé, and there will likely be no professional references from that job. However, not all terminations of employment are legal. In some cases, the reason for a person's dismissal from a job could violate certain areas of employment law. When that is the case, a wrongful termination claim might be an option.

What can you do if you were subject to wrongful termination?

While many of our readers probably have good relationships with their employers, the fact is that some workers in Minneapolis are fired from their jobs for reasons that they disagree with. When employers terminate a worker's employment, they will usually try to justify the move as being based on performance, or perhaps a specific instance of non-compliance with the job directives. But, what if there are other reasons? What can you do if you were wrongfully discharged from your job?

Defending the Civil Rights of Vulnerable People

When employers discriminate or allow harassment and retaliation to take place or continue, we are dedicated to holding them accountable for their unlawful actions.

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